Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Vacation

We took a family vacation (and when I say family, I mean my family, Tami's family and Grandma and Papa) to the Oregon Coast in July. We rented a beach house for about four days. We played on the beach, roasted hotdogs and made smores. We hit the aquarium on day and of course, had luch at the original Mo's.

After the beach house, we headed to Tillamook to stay with Papa Wally and G.G. First day there we drove down to Oceanside and had the most beautiful day on the beach that I can remember. There was no wind, yes I said NO WIND. It was sunny and the seals were playing in the water. I let Luke run around in nothing but a swim diaper.

We also made a trip out to the Faulhaber reunion. The kids had fun on the homemade slip-n-slide and playing in the creek. We adults had fun eating.

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Daffernia said...

Great!! You have made me also to plan a family vacation trip, thanks for your inspiration.