Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Modesty, what modesty!

You know all those pictures you never want your parents to get out that are sooooo embarassing. Especially when they show them to people you know will give you a hard time about them. I got some great ones of Luke the other day when he was running around NAKED! Take a look:

Traveling with a toddler.

So this weekend Luke and I will be flying to Oregon for a family reunion on my moms side of the family. It is a short flight so I am hoping all will go well. Luke is really into planes right now so I know he will love the airport. Mom and dad will be going with us so I will have help, Thank God! I will report back on how it went later on.

We got back yesterday about 8:30 p.m. He did great on the flight to Portland. He didn't quite know what to think of all the new people he met. Napping was interesting. It was usually a few minutes here and there while we were in the car. Now, let's talk about the flight back. First, mommy was cranky because stupid people shouldn't be allowed in airports. I also just wanted to get home. Then our plane was late. Luke was so tired on the flight home that all he wanted to do was move around. We has some turbulence so everyone was told to stay in there seat. I had to hold him down until he finally fell asleep. Of course that included a lot of crying and screaming. The man sitting in front of us was thoroughly enjoying it. It is just a good think we don't do this very often.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the doghouse!

How cute is this! Luke likes to kick Cargo out of his kennel and then he plays in it. Children are soooooo easily amused.

Like a kid in a candy store!

I couldn't wait to take Ryan on the surprise 30th birthday trip that I planned for him. I had been planning this since January and I thought June would never get here. We left on Friday, June 13th and flew into Louisville, KY. We then had to drive about a hour to Frenchlick, IN. We stayed in the Frenchlick Resort, which has been around since the late 1800s. It was hot and humid but we had a great weekend. Saturday was the day I took Ryan and surprised him by signing him up to do a World Class Driving event. He was able to drive 5 sports cars, that we would only be able to dream about. The least expensive one was $130,000.

The first car was a Corvette Callaway:

The next was a Audi R8

Then the Maserati, this one was brand new off the lot the night before we drove it (and my favorite)

Then the Ferrari 599, because of the cost of this car, I was not able to ride in it with Ryan. One of the staff had to be in it for liability reasons.

Then the Lamborghini Galardo (I have to admit that this one was the most fun to go fast in!)

The rest of the weekend was great also. We golfed and played in the casino a little. I think it was a perfect all around weekend.

In my mommy's shoes!

This would make any father proud!