Monday, September 15, 2008

Lukie's big boy bed!

We started Luke in his toddler bed around the time he turned two. The first night was a breeze. He fell asleep faster than he did in his crib. I thought it would be a fluke and we would have a fight on our hands the next night. Boy was I wrong! That kid sleeps like a baby, literally. We have not had one night were he has gotten out of bed after being put in it. He doesn't even get out of bed when he wakes up in the morning. He waits for me to get him out. Isn't this how God gets you to have another baby? He is just making it easy the first time around for me. I think I am in big trouble with the next one.

Catch up day!

Well I finally caught up our blog. I don't think I had posted anything since the middle of June. I will try to keep up a little better. It feels like the summer went by so fast. Already thinking about the Holidays.

Western Idaho Fair

We went to the fair in August and had a lot of fun. Luke is still a little to short to ride all the kiddie rides, but he had a blast on the ones he could ride. Only problem was that I had to ride with him and I don't think the make those rides to fit moms. Ryan can't ride with him because he gets sick on any kind of ride, so it was all up to me. What we do for our kids, right?!

Camping-Labor Day Weekend!

We found this swimming pool, it must have blown out of someones back yard ! :) :( The kids loved it and it got them clean. Even baby Eva played in it a little bit.

We all went camping over labor day weekend up in Council. Kind of camping. We parked on a jobsite Ryan is working on, but there is nothing up there but one house. It was nice because it wasn't a crowded camp ground. The dirt was underestimated, thank goodness for showers in motorhomes.

Papa got a little crazy with the 4-wheeler. They found this huge pipe thing and the kids would get in it and then papa would roll the pipe around. Then he got this crazy idea to roll the pipe with the 4-wheeler. Payton would end up rolling completely out of the pipe and onto the ground. We would all cringe while watching this. Payton would stand right back up and say "Again, Papa, again".

Can you see the feet sticking out the end of the pipe?

Family Vacation

We took a family vacation (and when I say family, I mean my family, Tami's family and Grandma and Papa) to the Oregon Coast in July. We rented a beach house for about four days. We played on the beach, roasted hotdogs and made smores. We hit the aquarium on day and of course, had luch at the original Mo's.

After the beach house, we headed to Tillamook to stay with Papa Wally and G.G. First day there we drove down to Oceanside and had the most beautiful day on the beach that I can remember. There was no wind, yes I said NO WIND. It was sunny and the seals were playing in the water. I let Luke run around in nothing but a swim diaper.

We also made a trip out to the Faulhaber reunion. The kids had fun on the homemade slip-n-slide and playing in the creek. We adults had fun eating.

4th of July

We took the boys down to Melba to see the parade. Luke loved seeing the jets fly over to start it. They are so much fun to watch.

My husband thought he would let Luke light some fireworks this year. That was a little nerve wracking.

Gaddis-Swafford Reunion

Luke had been on a plane before, but he was so little that it got a lot more reaction this time. He loved all the planes at the airport.

Mom, Dad, Luke and I went on a quick trip to the Oregon Coast for Mom's family reunion in June.

Luke's 2nd Birthday

We had a blast. We set up the inflatable water slide and I think the big boys had more fun than the little ones. Luke's theme was Lightning McQueen (there was no way we would get away with not doing cars).