Monday, September 15, 2008

Camping-Labor Day Weekend!

We found this swimming pool, it must have blown out of someones back yard ! :) :( The kids loved it and it got them clean. Even baby Eva played in it a little bit.

We all went camping over labor day weekend up in Council. Kind of camping. We parked on a jobsite Ryan is working on, but there is nothing up there but one house. It was nice because it wasn't a crowded camp ground. The dirt was underestimated, thank goodness for showers in motorhomes.

Papa got a little crazy with the 4-wheeler. They found this huge pipe thing and the kids would get in it and then papa would roll the pipe around. Then he got this crazy idea to roll the pipe with the 4-wheeler. Payton would end up rolling completely out of the pipe and onto the ground. We would all cringe while watching this. Payton would stand right back up and say "Again, Papa, again".

Can you see the feet sticking out the end of the pipe?

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Tami said...

Love our boys (and girl)!