Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tami's Strange Questions

25 Strange Questions
Just for fun. I challenge everyone to copy and paste to their blog, changing the answers of course!

What color socks are you wearing? None

If you could get away scot-free, would you kill someone? I don't think I have the stomach for

If aliens were attacking the Earth, would you run or make friends? Aren't you supposed to make a hat out of aluminum foil?

What job do you see yourself at 20 years from now? Doing what I do now

When was the last time you burst into song for no reason? Probably in the car with the radio
Have you ever finger-painted? Yes.

When you die, where do you want to be buried? Don't know the answer to that yet.

Do you consider a giant atom-smasher a threat to humanity? Nope.

Do you want pigs to fly? Yewww! Pig poop on your head.

If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do? Maybe listen to what people say after I leave the room.

Would you rather fist-fight a badger or a koala? Koala.

What would the theme song of your life be? Crazy

Where was the last place you swore you'd never go to again? Being nine months pregnant!

Does the Taco Bell dog scare you? No, is it a dog?

Jedis or ninjas? Ninja, they can actually be real.

Would you trust a polar bear with your life? No.

You have 70 seconds to live. What do you DO?! Pray

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?Was there ever a real answer to this question.

Would you rather eat moldy meat or drink rotten milk? Can I say neither?

Do you wish Pokemon were real? No frickin' way!

Have you ever played chicken with cars just for the hell of it? No.

Would you take advice from a talking McDonalds sandwich? Who came up with these questions anyway?

What would you rather blow up: a puppy or a kitty? Are we talking balloon animals here, because the other would be really gross to either one.

Do you understand what "e=mc2" means? I think I knew at one time in my life.

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