Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Luke's Swimming Lessons

Luke first started swimming lessons at about 10 months old. So we have been going for about six months. I finally got some video of him. It is good that I waited this long because he has just started to like his lessons. He actually has fun instead of crying through the whole thing.


Carrie Hutchings said...

Bren - that is great. He is such a great little swimmer! And yay that is enjoying his swim lessons now...where do you get them done?

Tami said...

Luke IS cute!!! and doing great at those swimming lessons.

Shauna said...

Brenda - That is so awesome watching Luke!! I can't even believe it! We need to sign Taylor up for some... can you email us some information?! We hope you all are doing well and have a very Merry Christmas!!
Love, Shauna, Trask and Taylor